The purpose of this page is to present the Friends of Muggia Vecchia Association, constituted in Muggia on March 21st, 2015, by highlighting the aims and the reasons behind its creation, namely, to make it better known in the territory, to increase the number of its members, and to reach – through their support and collaboration – the objectives for which it was created.

Origins and aims
The original idea of an Association was the result of the experience of working together enjoyed by a number of Muggia citizens who for more than a year collaborated with the Parish of Muggia Vecchia, some in support of the religious activities, others in support of the various maintenance activities regarding the Basilica and the surrounding area. Out of this initial experience gradually grew the idea of creating, with the consent of the Diocese of Trieste, an autonomous Association, made up of believers and non-believers who, working in synergy with the Parish of Muggia Vecchia, could achieve the ends for which it was constituted, which are the protection and enhancement of the Basilica and the area surrounding it, from the religious, historical, archaeological, cultural, environmental, scenic, tourist and social points of view.

The reasons for the project
The reasons which initially gave birth to the above voluntary initiative, and which now have made it possible to set up the Friends of Muggia Vecchia Association, are shared equally by many other people besides the citizens of Muggia: first and foremost, for the believers and  their devotion to Our Lady of Muggia Vecchia, But there are also, for everyone, a number of other important reasons not specifically religious: in the first place, love for the Basilica and for the site in general, where lie the roots of Muggia, its history and its culture; in the second place, the determination to counter that creeping lack of care for the area which until a few years ago was being reported, and to contribute to the protection of those significant investments made in it during recent years, with particular reference to those which have enhanced the Basilica, and those which have revealed and also enhanced  the archaeological site existing in the area. A final reason – last but not least – is the general belief in the potential value the site possesses, and could possess yet more, for our territory: mainly from the religious point of view but also from others – historical, cultural, environmental, scenic, tourist and social.

The project

Given the above-stated reasons, it has therefore been decided to cooperate with the Parish of Muggia Vecchia in developing the potential of the site for the better. But to do this well, it was agreed that it was no longer possible to act well-nigh singlehandedly as in the past. New needs have arisen, namely: to increase numbers in particular, to improve the planning and organisation of activities, to have a centre of reference, and to have a recognised figure who can gain access to public resources and deal with other local institutions, public and private.                                                                                                                         
In other words it is clear that a new Association must be formed to meet these needs.              
Now, as of 21st March 2015, such an association exists. So it is up to its members to ensure that that it does its very best to reach those objectives for which it was created.

Amici di Muggia Vecchia APS – Contacts
salita di Muggia Vecchia, 53 – 34015 Muggia (TS) or else 
tel.   +39 040 271164
cell. +39 335 8187081
office:  Thursday 17.30 – 18.30


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