Diocesan Centre of Spiritual Vocations "Il Sicomoro"

A tree in the gospel
Mentioned in the Gospel according to St.Luke is a tree typical of the Middle East: Zacchaeus, publican and sinner, is short, and because the crowd obstructs his vision he climbs up this tree so as to see, without being seen, this Jesus of whom he has heard people speak...to his surprise he is first seen by Jesus, who then invites him to come down because He wishes to stay at his house (Luke 19,1-10).

An open house
Since August 2014 the parish house of Muggia Vecchia, far from the madding crowd  of daily life with all its worries, has been a place to reach in order to see Jesus passing in your life, to discover that He has first seen you and wants to celebrate with you in your house. It is not a place to linger in, but from which to pass on to find out something new about that Jesus of whom you have heard men speak.

An experience
Desired by the Bishop, entrusted to the activity of the Diocesan Vocation Centre and to the care of the Parish of Muggia Vecchia, it is an experience open to all, but dedicated especially to the boys and young people who want to understand better what their vocation might be. The appointments organised by the CDV will be an invaluable opportunity to live amid the sharing of prayer, of fraternal life, immersed in the nature of the park of Muggia Vecchia, experiences of communion with the Lord Jesus. The house is available to all who, single or in groups, wish to pass the time there. For information and booking apply to the secretary of the Diocesan Vocation Centre. The house demands no rent or membership, so whoever wishes to leave something – we give them our thanks...
The house has two rooms on the ground floor capable of holding, respectively, 40 and 10 persons. There is a kitchen at the disposal of groups or individuals should they require it.  The rooms on the first floor would together sleep more or less 15 persons, and are available for extended periods of brotherly welcome.

Groups reservation form


To request hospitality
Card (to be downloaded)
Send to: ilsicomoro.cdv.ts@gmail.com

Diocesan Vocations Centre
Salita di Muggia Vecchia, 53 – 34015 Muggia (TS)
tel.   +39 040 271164
cel. +39 328 9359991
Secretary:  Thursday and Friday  9.00-11.00
IBAN: IT28L0200836480000110045201 made out to the Parish of Muggia Vecchia

Site: Diocesi di Trieste
Site: Italian Episcopal Conference

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